103rd Club Meeting report

 ・at Machipia

No Awards

Toastmaster:  Switched from Kobayashi to Miyake.
Wordmaster: N/A on Wed. meeting
Timekeeper: TM Kubo
Vote counter: N/A on Wed. meeting
Grammarian: Sumeet

Table Topics 1
Table Topics Master: Kobayashi

Theme : “Winter”
1. What's your favorite winter event?       Sumeet
2. What's your favorite winter dish?         Miyake
3. What do you do during winter season?  Kubo

Table Topics 2
Table Topics Master: Miyake

Theme : "Exclamation"
1. Tell us your Oops! experience.       Kobayashi
2. Tell us your A-ha! experience.       Sumeet
3. Tell us your Wow! experience.       Kubo
4. Tell us your Oh-NO~! experience.  Momozu

Table Topics 3
Table Topics Master: Momozu

Theme : "Telegraph"
1. The Indian Telegraph service ended; What do you think about it? Sumeet
2. Recently do you use telegraph?  Kubo
3. Do you think telegraph service survive in 10years?   Kobayashi
4. If you are the president of the telegraph service company, what do you do to increase the number of people to use the service? Miyake

Prepared Speech/ Evaluation
There was no prepared speech, nor evaluation today.

Grammarian report
TM Sumeet corrected members' grammatical errors. 
Tense, singular/plural errors were the major pointed out items.

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