108th Club Meeting report

 ・at Machipia


Table Topic             : Aman

Evaluation     : Miyake

Speech         : Momozu

Toastmaster of the day (TOD); Miyake

Timer, Vote counter; Momozu

Wordmaster ; N/A

Table Topic master ; Momozu

1, Are you a morning or evening person? - Aman

2, Do you like a big or a small breakfast? - Kubota

3, Do you have a accurate biological clock? - Miyake

from Kids talk card;

1, Where do you want to stay during winter? - Miyake

2, What constellation can you find? - Kubota

3, What is your favorite story when you were a child? - Aman

Prepared Speech

1, "Me and my childhood" CC#1(Ice breaker) - Aman Evaluation - Miyake

2, "How to make life more enjoyable using Roomba" CC#6(Vocal Variety)- Momozu Evaluation - Kubota

3, "組織の考え方" - Kubota (prepared for in-house contest) (no evaluation given)

Two scheduled English speech for in-house contest were cancelled.

General evaluation - Ohara

At club business session;

1, An

initiation ceremony for TM Aman was held. (Welcome to Utsunomiya Toastmastsers club!!)

2, Financial report by Treasurer TM Momozu

3, Utsunomiya Toastmasters club reached its 5th anniversary since its charter!!

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